Lift and Tilt Tipper

Lift and Tilt Tipper

Lift and Tilt Tipper

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Product Description

This Lift and Tilt Tipper can be used to tip goods at a height of approximately 50″ or up to 55″.

The extra frame makes it possible to lift first then tilt the bin allowing tipper to be used in small areas.

It’s available in both a mobile and a static build.

Lift and Tilt Tipper Machine Specifications

  • Standard Tipping Height: Approx 50″ – 55″
  • Maximum Tipping Angle: 100 degrees to 110 degrees available
  • Power Supply: 12V battery and charger included)
  • Charger: 110V or 115V quick connect plug-in charger
  • Controls: Push Button on both sides
  • Safety: E-Stop Button on both sides
  • Weight Capacity: 2,000 lbs – 2500 lbs
  • Material Used: Stainless Steel and Food-Safe Plastics
  • Machine Weight: Approx 880 lbs
  • Standard and made-to-order chute designs available