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Buggy Tipper

Buggy Tipper

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Product Description

Our tippers offer a unique compact solution to common ergonomic issues seen in most processing plants today. The most common issue is how to get bulk products in and out of 400 or 600 lb. buggies.

If you are deboning product, further processing, looking at secondary quality checks, doing seasonal items off line, or will be positioning product around conveyors or cooking kettles, we have the solution.

These units are common in food processing facilities handling chicken, pork, beef, fruit, snack foods, vegetables, cheese, byproduct, seafood, and more.

Buggy Tipper Machine Specifications

  • Tipping Height: 38″ – 42″ | 50″ – 55″
  • Tipping Angle: 100° to 110°, not all models
  • Power Supply: 12V battery and charger included
  • Charger: 110V or 115V quick connect plug-in charger
  • Controls: Push Button on both sides
  • Safety: E-Stop Button on both sides
  • Unit Capacity: 700 lbs
  • Bin Models: 400 | 600